Body Contouring

Tone, Tighten, & Uncover Your Dream Body


Reveal a toned and sculpted figure from head to toe with the help of our non-surgical body contouring treatment. Using advanced heating and muscle stimulation technology combined with targeted RF energy, body contouring naturally enhances your body shape from the inside out. From reducing stubborn fat to tightening sagging skin, strengthening and defining certain muscles, and more, body contouring is an innovative solution to safely improve your physique without going under the knife.

With quick treatment times and little to no downtime, body contouring effortlessly transforms your body so you can look and feel more confident in your skin.



  • Minimized appearance of sagging skin
  • Non-surgical alternative
  • Minimal discomfort and downtime
  • Precision in fat reduction and skin tightening
  • Natural-looking results
  • Customizable treatment plans for individual needs
  • Long-lasting effects 


Transformation Technologies

We understand that your body contouring journey is personal. Our commitment is to provide you with the tools and expertise to bring out your best features and achieve the aesthetic goals you’ve always envisioned. With targeted transformation, the possibilities are endless, and your journey to a more confident you begins here.


At Hurst Medical, we prioritize your safety above all else, ensuring our body contouring procedures, performed by our highly skilled and experienced medical professionals in our accredited facility, are safe.

The duration of a session depends on the individual, the area being treated, and its size.

Treatment sessions may vary by patient depending on the size of the treatment area and how your body reacts to treatment. Expect to need anywhere from 3 to 6 body contouring treatments to achieve the best possible results.
Patients report feeling minimal pain and discomfort that is typically well-tolerated during and after treatment. Some patients may experience mild side effects post-treatment like slight redness, swelling, or tenderness along the treatment area which will subside on its own within a few hours.
Expect to start noticing improvements after just one treatment, with full results visible upon completion of your total recommended series of treatment sessions. Your results will continue to improve weeks after treatment as your body will produce more and more new collagen essential in toning and tightening your figure.
Body contouring results are permanent as the procedure removes excess fat and skin to improve your overall body shape. However, it’s important to practice healthy lifestyle habits, like a consistent diet and exercise routine, to maintain your new body. Otherwise, additional weight gain post-treatment will inevitably alter your body shape.