All-In-One Total Body Transformation Platform

Tone, tighten, and transform your body with EvolveX. EvolveX is a revolutionary system that uses a range of advanced technologies to create your dream body shape. Using a combination of radiofrequency energy, deep tissue heating, and vacuum-assisted suction, this device precisely targets your exact problem areas for a pain-free skin and body remodeling solution with zero downtime, needles, or surgery required. With the ability to treat multiple areas simultaneously, EvolveX is an efficient solution to improve sagging skin on your arms, trim stubborn abdomen fat, and tone your thighs all at the same time! This makes reshaping your entire body that much more easy and convenient.


AArms . Back . Thighs . Butt . Love Handles . Abdomen . Neck and Chin . And more



EvolveX is an efficient device that allows you to treat multiple treatment areas at the same time for quick and convenient treatments. Expect your session to take about 30-60 minutes.
Depending on your unique aesthetic goals and concerns, our team will create a tailored treatment plan so you can achieve your best possible results. Typically, most patients need around 6 weekly treatments.
EvolveX is a safe and effective body contouring device that offers virtually pain-free treatments. Expect to feel a warm sensation during treatment. Some patients post-treatment may experience slight redness, warmth, or tenderness along their treated areas which will quickly subside on its own.
Many patients start to notice initial improvements to their skin and body after a single treatment. Expect to notice full results a few months upon completion of your total recommended series of EvolveX treatment sessions.
EvolveX treatments provide long-lasting results for a healthier, younger-looking appearance. Although EvolveX does provide permanent results in reducing fat and improving skin laxity, the natural aging process as well as not maintaining a healthy lifestyle can inevitably diminish treatment results. Some patients may benefit from annual maintenance treatments to maintain their desired results.
EmpowerRF provides long-lasting treatment results so you can enjoy your dream figure for years. Maintenance treatments every couple of years may be recommended to combat natural body and aging changes and maintain your desired results.