Lift, Tighten, and Sculpt Your Dream Figure

Sculpt, tighten, and elevate your figure with EmpowerRF. EmpowerRF is a comprehensive body contouring and skin tightening system that offers a safe, effective, and minimally invasive solution to reduce stubborn cellulite and create your dream body. This innovative device uses a combination of advanced technologies, including multipolar radiofrequency energy and electrical muscle stimulation, to precisely target different areas of the body from head to toe. From minimizing stubborn cellulite to lifting your butt, tightening sagging skin, and more, EmpowerRF delivers powerful deep heat and RF energy to your exact problem areas so you can look and feel like a more comfortable, confident, empowered version of yourself.


Abdomen . Thighs . Buttocks . Arms . Hips . And More



Treatment times vary by patient depending on a range of factors such as the size and number of areas you are looking to treat. Expect your treatment session to take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.
The number of treatments varies by patient depending on your unique aesthetic goals. Most patients need about 2-3 EmpowerRF sessions to achieve their best possible results.
Patients report feeling minimal to no pain or discomfort during and after treatment. Expect to feel a heating sensation during treatment as the device works to tighten and sculpt your skin and body from the inside out.
Zero recovery time is required after your EmpowerRF treatment so you can enjoy a more confident and empowered version of yourself, without having to put your life on hold!
Most patients start to notice significant improvements after a single EmpowerRF session. Expect to notice full results upon completion of your total recommended series of EmpowerRF treatments
EmpowerRF provides long-lasting treatment results so you can enjoy your dream figure for years. Maintenance treatments every couple of years may be recommended to combat natural body and aging changes and maintain your desired results.