Schedule your yearly physical exam at Hurst Medical in Burley, ID

Taking care of your body goes beyond working out and eating healthy. Because unexpected illness can occur at any time, it's important to see a physician at least once a year for a physical exam.

Hurst Medical in Burley, ID sees local residents for yearly physicals, sports physical exams and preventive health screenings. At these visits, your nurse practitioner will take the time to listen to your concerns, check and treat your current conditions and examine your overall physical health.

Why do you need a physical?

A physical exam is one of quickest and easiest ways to prevent any potential health issues while there's still plenty of time. At Hurst Medical, we provide thorough physical exams to better understand your body and maintain your health. We can perform in-office lab work and EKG screenings that allow us to keep track of your medical history and prevent future illnesses.

Don't wait until a medical emergency to see a physician. Visit our medical center in Burley, ID to see our certified nurse practitioner for a comprehensive physical exam.

What to expect during a sports physical

What to expect during a sports physical

Many schools, clubs and organizations require that players undergo a sports physical exam before participating. Sports physicals examine your child's physical health thoroughly by going over:

  • Medical history - Because many health conditions are hereditary, it's important to know the health risks. Being aware of potential health risks can prevent future accidents or illness.
  • Vital signs and organ health - Heart rate and blood pressure can show a lot about a person's health. Along with vitals, we'll check your child's sight, balance and reflexes.
  • General appearance - Other health conditions can be determined through simple observation. We'll look over your child's general appearance, like their skin, their attitude and mental reflexes and even the way they walk.
With a sports physical, you will know that your child is fit to play competitive sports safely. Contact us in Burley, ID to schedule your child's sports physical; call 208-825-6193 today.