Hurst Medical can update and refill your medical prescription

When you're in need of a practitioner, visit Hurst Medical. We're a licensed nurse practitioner's office serving Burley, ID. Our licensed practitioner is here to keep you healthy. We can treat common medical conditions, provide preventive care and manage your medical prescription. When you visit us for general care or your annual physical, we'll ensure your medications are working for your needs.

Whether you're feeling under the weather or need to refill your prescription, visit your nurse practitioner at Hurst Medical for all of your medical prescription needs.

Need a prescription refill?

Need a prescription refill?

While some prescription refills can be done with a simple phone consultation, many prescriptions require an in-person doctor visit.

Hurst Medical provides comprehensive medical prescription consultations to ensure that your medications are providing the necessary benefits. You will get a chance to talk with our nurse practitioner and adjust your medical prescription as needed.

Don't risk going without your prescription. Turn to Hurst Medical to refill your prescription today; call 208-825-6193.